Because now you can support our project in this difficult moment of our lives by buying some Gift Vouchers to discount on your future direct bookings in our property.

Harbour Inn Design Townhouse is closely monitoring the global situation and is actively taking steps to mitigate the impact and spread of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. We value the trust and loyalty invested in Harbour Inn Design Townhouse by all guests and we are working together to answer any queries regarding upcoming stays and events.

Deluxe Gift Voucher

Harbour Inn Deluxe Gift Voucher
Harbour Inn Deluxe Gift Voucher

Superior Gift Voucher

Harbour Inn Superior Gift Voucher
Harbour Inn Superior Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers Terms & Conditions

  • This voucher is valid until 2 years from the date of the purchase, and can be discounted any time you want upon availability.
  • A prior booking for your stay and availability confirmation it's always mandatory.
  • This voucher is appliable to your booking rate and discounted the displayed amount (ex: mandatory booking = 250€; Voucher = 95€; Total yet to be settled = 155€).
  • You always need to inform Harbour Inn on your mandatory booking, that you have a voucher (for this you will need the transaction date and number, please keep safe your payment confirmation).
  • This voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single booking only.
  • We accept multiple vouchers per booking, although if the sum of the value in the vouchers is superior to your prior reservation, you will loose the difference as we will not refund any amount).
  • This voucher is not valid during special sales or in conjunction with any special promotion.
  • The management retains the right to reject any voucher that do not have the payment confirmation or if it is not on proper or expected conditions of use.
  • We are not responsible if a Gift Voucher payment confirmation is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.
  • This voucher cannot be redeemed in order to purchase another gift card.
  • This voucher cannot be redeemed in bookings from OTA's (ex: booking or expedia).
  • It is only valid for direct mandatory bookings on our booking engine.
  • You can offer this voucher to others but you will need to request and facilitate general details to insert in Gift Virtual Voucher (.pdf).
  • These terms and conditions will not exclude the General Booking Terms & Conditions.